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Natural, Glowing and Healthy skin with Phytoncides!

by Jennifer Richard on December 04, 2019
Phytoncide is a substance emitted by plants & trees, generally meaning the aroma of the forest. "Phyton" means "plant" in Latin, and "cide" means to exterminate.

Phytoncides may sound like a big word but it’s actually very simple to understand the science of this wonderful chemical! Essentially a defense mechanism for plants, when used by us humans, it turns and acts just like a defense mechanism for us too!

But wait! How do phytoncides work in us? Phytoncides attach themselves to a special type of white blood cell in us called ‘Natural Killer Cells’ (NK cells for short), and increase the activity of these cells and help us keep out the bad things such as cancer!

However, despite the thousands of research out there about the effects of phytoncides on our bodies, there’s not a lot on how it works when directly applied on the skin and we are here to talk all about it!

Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies and also the organ that is at the frontline (just like a wall built for war!) and is constantly under attack every day, every minute from many different sources such as age, environment, stress, hereditary or thermal aging.

What phytoncides can do for the skin is to cool down the skin, speed up the healing process of the skin as well facilitate the renewal of the skin to combat skin issues such as acne, accelerated aging, allergies, hyperpigmentation, and even more serious skin conditions such as eczema.

How? Because of the antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present inside phytoncides!

Antimicrobial which kills microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi and stops their growth.

that slows down the negative effects of oxidation in our bodies. Oxidation can age our skin prematurely by damaging the structure of our skin.

that helps with problematic skin conditions such as acne and allergy reactions to help soothe and calm skin.

All these properties are crucial to helping your skin renew, regenerate and revitalize, giving you healthy, bright and glowing skin!

Bonus fact! Pines trees are actually one of the most phytoncide-filled trees! Why? All trees and plants have phytoncides but coniferous trees, trees that usually have needle-shaped or scale-like leaves like pine, have more phytoncides content than trees with wider leaves. This is because pine trees usually grow on barren land and would work hard to keep the limited nutrients to themselves, making them stronger and more defensive against external forces and in turn, they help our body and skin healthier and more beautiful!

So, to experience the wonders, take a little walk into nature or simply have a little spritz of SOLYPH’s Forest Bathing Essence Mist for a healthy dose of phytoncides!


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