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    Hyaluronic Solution to rescue dry and dull skin

    $199.00 $273.00

      [Night Routine for Dry and Dull Skin] For those with dry and dull skin, this routine is your answer. We've included our Cellulose Sheet Mask, packed with Hyalruronic Acid and Vitamin-Rich Natural Ingredients, to tackle your specific skin concerns.

      HOW TO :

      Apply generous amount with a few pumps or multiple layers for visible improvement. Our products work together for optimal performance. 

      PREP : CLEANSE & TONE with Phytoncide Water Cleanser -100ml

      STEP 1 : SOOTH & HYDRATE with Forest Bathing Revitalising Essence -100ml

      STEP 2 : PLUMP & SMOOTH with Core Lifting Serum - 35ml

      STEP 3 : REJUVENATE & BRIGHTEN with Cooling Cellulose Sheet Mask (2boxes of 5sheet) -26ml/sheet

      TIPS : Apply SOLYPH multi-action moisturizer, if you need extra moisture lock-in.

      $199 ($273 value)