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AthBeauty: The Sister of AthLeisure

by Jennifer Richard on November 06, 2019

Look around and you will notice that some individuals sporting some nice sportswear as their daily-to-go outfits. Why? That’s AthLeisure: Athletics + Leisure. It’s a growing style trend!

Although it’s a style trend, there’re also demands for other aspects of AthLeisure and comes the birth of AthBeauty: Athletics + Beauty!

So what is AthBeauty? Read on to find out!

AthBeauty essentially means beauty products made for the active lifestyle, meaning sweat-proof, oil-proof, non-comedogenic, healing, protection from outside elements or just for beauty! AthBeauty products come with different benefits made for different groups of active individuals.

Skincare! The first step of every beauty routine!

AthBeauty skincare’s purpose is to protect, heal and provide benefits for the skin of those who live actively. Products for active beauty are usually positioned as protection from UV rays and pollution but with the advancement in skincare technology, more brands are breaking down this lifestyle in a scientific approach by going skin deep to find out what can be better done to fulfill the skincare needs of active individuals.

Aside from protection against the sun when exercising outdoors or even indoors, the skin goes through a lot of internal temperature changes coupled along with external factors. This phenomenal is called ‘Thermal Aging’. These heat changes can rapidly age the skin and bring on a range of skin issues like acne, enlarged pores, fine lines, and sensitive skin.

Also, even wondered how do some still have their mascara intact even after a class of hot yoga?

It’s a consensus that makeup should never be worn when working out because when you exercise, your sweat glands open up and goes into overdrive to cool the skin down and when this happens, your skin detoxes itself. In this case, when wearing makeup, you’re quite literally blocking your skin from breathing normally and letting in more toxins and debris into your pores.

So why do we still see individuals wearing makeup while hitting the gym? Simple. For the gram or we just simply want to look good while sweating it out.

With such a unique need, brands are scrambling to find the best formulations that will decrease the skin risk of wearing makeup during workouts. The most common formulations are usually SPF heavy, breathable, oil-free and sweat proof.

We want to look good all the time but always remove your makeup before your workouts! Your skin will thank you for letting it breathe!

by Team SOLYPH on November 16, 2019

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by NORYANTI RAHIM on November 13, 2019

U sells these in SINGAPORE?




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