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The Essence is a new essential for me! After cleansing in the mornings, a few spritzes of this on my face helps to wake up my skin, plump it up and brighten it. I love the calming pine scent, hygienic packaging and nozzle, as well as the fun colour. Will definitely purchase again!
I’ve been seeing amazing results with this serum! I had an allergic reaction to another product prior to using this and my skin had been bumpy and irritated for quite a while. This serum not only help soothed the irritation it also got rid of the bumps. My skin feels plump, soft and smooth :)
The smooth and light texture of SOLYPH moisturizer makes for a perfect night cream, even on warmer nights in Singapore!
My first thought was, finally there is a cleanser that allows cleansing more than twice a day! This is so useful and life-changing because I can now cleanse my face whenever there is sweat or excess oil. I have started to use this cleanser after lunch everyday while working from home without no office air-conditioning- that's when I would have sweated from buying lunch, and when my face would feel oily after eating. The feel after use is, it removes oil so effectively yet my face doesn't feel squeaky.

The sun cream looked thick in white, it felt very light without leaving white cast once wearing on the skin. My skin got toned up with a natural glow.
This sunscreen feels very different from other brands!

I’ll start by saying that I’m VERY rarely impressed by moisturizers. It’s more easy for a serum or toner to impress me. This Ready, set, glow moisturizer has been a love at first application. It has a nice soft texture with an AMAZING smell of pine forest. It doesn’t seem fake at all, I wish I could have an interiors perfume for my home to smell like that. OVERALL 5/5, I would give it 10/5 cuz it’s just a magic in a bottle.
I am very active outdoor, and my weekend is always out for full of sports activities with my friend. And summer sun and heat is killer to my skin. Everytime, I put SOLYPH mask sheet into fridge to cool it. I did same thing with my other mask sheet. But, SOLYPH mask is much cooler. I don't know why, but it does. And, it nourishes well. Really, nourishes and my skin doesn't know that i spend long hours outdoor.. Love it!
I never write reviews, but I feel compelled to write one for the Solyph cleanser. I've been using it for several weeks now, and truly my skin feels great. I am wary of over-cleansing after years of using harsh chemicals to clean and treat my skin during my long-fought battle with acne. My acnes years are finally behind me, but they left me with sensitive skin. So I've been on the lookout for gentle, natural products to cleanse my skin. For awhile, I was using honey or just rice water - while these were certainly gentle, they didn't properly clean my skin - so I'd resort to doing a scrub a few times a week to remove dead skin. What I found really great about the Solyph cleanser is the combination of both the cleanser AND the way you use it, i.e. with a cotton pad. The cleanser itself contains a whole host of gentle, natural ingredients - combining that with the action of smoothing it over with a cotton pad and you get a gentle exfoliation that is perfect (at least for my skin). I've just watched the Solyph cleanser routine video, and I realize that I don't need to rinse off as much as I am doing. Just once is enough. That's even better, because water can actually be quite drying. This cleanser seems like it would be great for all skin types. Mine is sensitive, prone to being oily - and it works really well for me.
Purchased this product a few weeks back and I must say, I'm very impressed! I have combination skin. On some days, my skin can get really oily (especially with Singapore's hot and humid weather). I would use about 2 cotton pads with product on it and that removes all traces of makeup, including foundation. This cleanser saves me the extra steps of using toner and cleanser because it's so effective at removing makeup, dirt and oil. Really love how the product is not an oil based, it leaves my skin refreshed and smooth! I would seriously recommend it to my friends! Also, would definitely repurchase!
I used to try different products for my oily skin however have not been able to settle with one brand and product. However, after trying Solyph's range of products, I truly love all of them and have been recommending to my friends! I feel that it protects and shields my face very well. Also people around me started to comment that my face is less oily and has a healthy glow. Most importantly my face has much lesser breakouts now, I feel that Solyh's products really helped, and I especially love their serum. Very well made product(s), will continue using them for a very long time, thank you Solyph!
Seriously impressed the first time I tried it. Keeps my golfing face protected and matte all day, even in Singapore humidity and sun. I love that the all natural and safe to use ingredients too. Getting my loved ones this unique Solyph sunblock and moisturiser this Christmas.
I use this product in office, when my skin gets dry. It absorbs perfectly, with just the right spraying power. My favorite usage is when I spray it right before I leave work and redo my makeup. :) Another great usage is in the airplane, especially for long flight. The size is perfect as I can carry it in the plane. Everytime my skin gets too dry or I need refreshing, this perfect little spray was a perfect buddy!
Worry-free skincare for workout and outdoors. The packaging color is way too pretty, it's just my style! Loving the tree scent!! The #TimeOutRefresh Forest Bathing Essence Mist is easy to carry around to refresh and forest bath on-the-go anywhere. It is a definite need to give your skin frequent cares to cool, sooth, hydrate and nourish it! The #FaceTheWild Sun Shield Cream is a mineral-based physical sunscream that can be used as a primer and has very smooth application!
I'm currently using this gorgeous Solyph Face the Wild SPF50 PA++ sun shield cream. I've been loving it since the first day! It's a physical sunscreen (my personal preference) that has a thick cream but airy consistency. It leaves an obvious whitecast at first but as it settles down, it turns into a nice tone up effect on my skin. It gives a matte finish but not drying. I can even use it without moisturizer.

Overall, this is one great lux sunscreen. From the packaging to the product itself. A+! And did you see, it comes with its own stand which is so cute!

The SOLYPH Active Set!

If you consider your skin health, go for physical suncream! #FaceTheWild: this suncream does not sensitize the skin, blocking immediately out UVs, blue lights and environment nasties. I applied it by tapping the cream over the entire face for a good absorbtion. It sits tight on the skin without slipping and I didn't feel any itchiness around eyes. My face radiated natural glow with a slight tone-up. Excellent soothing effect with consideration of skin health for the active lifestyle by the brand's claims. I really loved the suncream for its cute packaging and portability. It worked great even with sweat and water this summer!

#TimeOutRefresh: the essence mist felt very dewy and glowy and does not leave any grease or dryness in this humid weather. Especailly for the sensitive skin (due to UV rays these days), it is very cooling and soothing, and also reduces the redness of the skin. Pro-tip: do NOT spray on eyes, or near it, as it will be very ichy due to the natural property of anti-microbial from the pine leaf base water.

The packaging is so CUTE! The subtle pine scent together with cooling feel on the skin is so refreshing. The safe lock buttton is extra cute and the products feel so safe without the 12 harmful ingredients for skin health and the environment. The #FaceTheWild Sun Shield Cream and #TimeOutRefresh Forest Bathing Essence Mist benefit the skin with active ingredients such as aloe, centella, mushroom and hyaluronic acid to name a few! We need to be mindful when choosing a safe sun cream for frequent usage expecially in the hot summer, and I do recommend this one by SOLYPH!
#TimeOutRefresh: this Forest Bathing Essence Mist keeps the skin from suffocating in the summer by soothing, cooling, hydrating and nourishing the skin! #FaceTheWild: this Sun Shield Cream immediately blocks out even blue lights and micro-pollutants with no white cast!
This is my favorite product out of their product range. This is a multi-performing moisturizer that hydrates deeply and locks in moisture while strengthening skin barrier.🌼

🍊 It's very soothing on skin.
🍊 Light weight compared to other moisturizers.
🍊 Didn't break out my skin.
🍊Has a natural scent.
🍊 Great moisturizer for hot humid weather.

🌼 Overall I really love this moisturizer. I usually use it at night. Sometimes I mix one or two drops of oil and gently apply on my face and neck area.

So this year, my family decided to do a summer vacation. I’ve always loved how my skin looks after a day at the beach, but after a couple of days of constant sun, sand, water pollutants, and (bonfire) smoke, I just knew my skin was going to take a fat L if I didn’t keep up with my routine.

Enter: Take Off Smooth- Phytoncide Water Moisturizing Cleanser. My skin felt totally and completely clean, but not stripped at all. I still felt supple, with no trace of sand or dirty ocean water left on me. These phytoncides (antimicrobial plant compounds) are Solyph’s natural answer to harsh micelles found in other cleansing waters, and my skin was SO happy with this natural formula.

I also tested out the Face the Wild SPF50PA++ Sun Shield Cream and I think they really nailed the formula. What I really enjoyed particularly about this sunscreen is that it acts like a sports formula— you know the ones where you can sweat and get wet/dirty in them but trust that you’re still protected...you get high sun protection AND wearability with this product. 🧡✨

• This is the best cleansing water to bring for workouts (pre & post). It's so gentle & hydrating on the skin. 😊 Need I say more? For #ActiveBeauty this information is really important. It is difficult to find a skincare product which is not over complicated to use. We need something that is all-in-one because we don't always have access to our whole line of skincare products which we have ar time. We need something that could actually help our skin immediately while we still can't do our usually skincare routine.

• Yes! For this recommendation I want to focus on my co #AthBeauty runners. Why do I recommend this? It's easy to carry. It's very light & gentle on the skin. Especially after runs, our skin are sensitive & irritated. It's good to have a cleansing product which will not irritate our skin further & would also help calm it down.

The packaging design is very neat and unique! All the products from SOLYPH are formulated with 100% pine-leaf distilled water by traditional method. So, my experience with the two products:

#FaceTheWild - The Sun Shield Cream a physical sunscreen which has a thick and white appearence at first but it glides smoothly without sensitizing the skin. It also blocks out micro-pollutants and bluelights. Personally, I usually do not prefer physical suncream due to its pasty texture but this cream? That is not the case. The applicaion was very smooth and the skin feels very comfortable without suffocating. I think this is great for sensitive skin, especially for whom experiences ichy eyes with chemical suncream.

#TimeOutRefresh - The Essence Mist feels cooling and soothing. The spray is very strong, so the pine scent out of the bottle gives you the experience of forest-bathing among pine trees. I like the fact that is drawn naturally and the natural properties of pine leaf help protect your skin while keeping your skin clean and hygienic on-the-go.

Minimize skincare routine, maximize skin health! This Active Set is perfect for summer as it caters to the active you with an active lifestyle that needs cooling, soothing for prevention of thermal ageing. The #FaceTheWild Sun Cream is very easy and smooth to apply, with a natural toneup. With the suncream, I don't need another toneup cream.
I took SOLYPH's #FaceTheWild Sun Shield Cream to the swimming pool today, and I loved it! It felt very natural, maybe because it is formulated with 100% Pine-Leaf distilled water as the base water. The suncream is very satisfying as it does not leave any whitecast on the skin, while the #TimeOutRefresh Forest Bathing Essence Mist is very cooling and refreshing! I like that the brand pursues natural skincare! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The 솔잎 Time Out Refresh mist is indeed hydrating almost like spritzing a hydrating toner mixed with watery essence. I mist and then manually pat this into my skin to fully absorb. I like taking this for my exercise walks because it does soothe my flushed skin after. However, what I appreciate it most for is it acts as my ONE-AND-DONE skincare shield before my AM exercise! This plus sunscreen, off I go! A hydrating wake-up mist that gives my skin some nourishment & immunity without sweating it all off 😄 #TIE_Tip I also enjoy using this as a mist topper for extra hydration when I'm doing DIY toner masking.
Loving a moisturizer is a rare occasion for me, so this one definitely took me by surprise! It's soothing and cooling so it helps out with my redness and perfect for the humid weather. This helped lessen my sensitivity as it claims to strengthen the barrier, minimizing my routine and use of acids also helped. I'm glad that this moisturizer is just the right balance and gives off a natural semi-matte finish. My skin hasn't looked and felt better in YEARS so that says a lot!!

Solyph, you did a really great job with this product. From the packaging to the texture to the lock-unlock feature at the back.. i mean—-?!

Also, the ingredients are amazing! I’m still saving this sunscreen so I don’t run out of it fast.

Well, lovelies, here is my 'after long runs' sheet mask 😊

Fit & adherence : it fits well on my face especially on the mouth & eye area; it adheres pretty well & doesn't slide off

Scent : it smells like Chinese herbs ~it isn't too strong & I am also used to this type of scent so it doesn't bother me at all

• my skin was brighter ~after masking, I noticed that my skin is brighter. You that look of your skin when you woke up after a good night's sleep, that type of brightened skin 😍
• no stinging or any irritation at all
• cooling ~I first used this after my half marathon, & wow 😍 I will save this for my after run masking because it really soothed & cooled my heated skin
• I usually don't save the extra essence from my sheet masks except for this one. Because I really liked its benefits on my skin, I saved it. I pour it on cotton pads & put it on my cheeks & forehead areas where I feel the most irritated after a long tiring day 😍 aaah. Just composing this makes me wanna put on the mask again
• did not trigger my FA ~although there are not fungal acne safe ingredients present in the list
• my pores look more refined when the essence was fully absorbed by the skin ~MAJOR BONUS!!!