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Learn How To Read The Ingredients List On Your Products!

by Jennifer Richard on October 16, 2019
Ingredients list!
Ingredients list!

Ingredients list!

Ingredients list are so important in everything! From foods to drinks and to skincare. From these small, tiny printed lists on the back of our products, you can find out a lot of the products that you are directly consuming.

In the modern day and age, people are getting more mindful of what they eat as it directly applies to the health of their bodies and now, there’s an increasing awareness on what’s in our skincare as it affects our skin, the biggest organ of our bodies.

Here’re some ways to help you understand your products! 


Why are ingredients lists so important?

Because it tells certain truths and facts! Ingredients lists are legally required by law to always be included on the packaging of your products. From these ingredients lists, you are able to tell what might be reactive to you and your body, what might be unsafe to consume entirely or what might rebut an advertising statement made by the company.


How to read the lists

Easy! The ingredients are usually arranged in descending order so the topmost ingredient takes up the bulk of the product! This is a good pointer to remember especially if you know what kind of ingredient can set off your skin. If that bad ingredient takes a high percentage then you better leave it on the shelf and walk off!



Don’t let the advertising of a product fool you! Ignore the marketing and focus on the main point: the ingredients.

The ingredients lists can be full of scientific names and can honestly be quite confusing! There’re different names for the same ingredient most of the time, so take your time to research and to understand what it is!

There’re many resources now, online and even on apps!
1. Our old trusty Google!
2. EWG Skin Deep database 
3. INCI Decoder  
4. HwaHae app  
5. Think Dirty app  

Last but not least, know your skin type

You can know every single ingredient in the world but if you don’t know your skin type, there’s no way that you are going to find the perfect product for your skin.

Active ingredients have certain and specific benefits so once you fully understand your skin type and how your skin reacts to certain ingredients, you would be able to find a suitable product for yourself.

Once you get the hang of noticing, researching and understanding your ingredients lists, you are on the smooth path of your skin’s journey!

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