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Our bestseller's just got even better [PRESS RELEASE]

by Heesook Jun on December 01, 2021

SOLYPH Announces its Suncream Renewal and New Batch Launches

Next-level physical sunscreen is unveiled : Lighter, smoother and healthier! We’ve heard you and made it even better.   

Dec 1,  2021

Face the wild, SPF50 PA++ sun shield cream, has been the bestseller of SOLYPH since its first debut in 2019, thanks to its solid fan base that’s still growing via word of mouth. The first customers and the most returning are sport lovers who are conscious of skincare ingredients and the environment. They love its mineral-based, physical formula that immediately blocks out UVs, blue lights and pollutants with cooling, soothing and hydrating the heated and sweaty skin by the power of natural ingredients, allowing them to apply safely on sensitive skin without stinging eyes. 

With the rise of savvy customers who became educated on physical sunscreen versus chemical one, its demand has grown over years and the reputation of SOLYPH’s suncream has also spread out to non-sporty users for their everyday application indoors and outdoors. They find the cream glides smoothly on the skin and leaves a dewy look, working as a good primer as well. SOLYPH is stretching further to pregnant customers, families with babies and young kids for its safe and healthy formula. 

Surprisingly, physical sunscreen has often been avoided by both brands and consumers despite its health benefits, due to its challenging formulation of mineral ingredients for its thick and pasty texture, leaving white cast and oily finish especially for high SPF. However, SOLYPH aimed for the most premium yet affordable physical sunscreen in the market, formulating the finest ingredients and delivering the best experience in texture and application. For those who are still reluctant to use physical sunscreen, SOLYPH has been dedicated to improving the formula by diligently collecting customers' feedback over 2 years and finally completed the renewal with the following refinements. 


  • The latest, finest Zinc formulation for better and longer sun protection.
  • Hinoki extract blended into the signature Pine-Leaf base water to amplify phytoncide effect.
  • Smoother and lighter texture for better application with a matte finish.
  • Upgraded therapeutic aroma derived from natural ingredients.

“We’re very delighted to release our new batch of suncream that’s been refined according to our customers’ feedback, and we hope that our renewed formula makes them proud!” said the SOLYPH Team.


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