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Our Mind and Our Skin

by Liane T on July 29, 2021

The relationship between your mental health and skin health may be more intimate than you realise. Just as we blush from embarrassment, our skin is quick to reveal signs of stress and anxiety as well. As the largest organ in our body, the condition of our skin is heavily influenced by our hormones and emotions. Therefore, looking after our mental health plays a crucial part in caring for our skin.

Here are some ways of our favourite ways to care for our mind and our skin:

 1. Following a skincare routine

A go-to skincare routine allows us to start and end our day with a familiar practice that brings stability to our schedules. In uncertain times, having structure can give us a greater sense of control, improve our focus and productivity. Similar to healthy habits like exercise and meditation, our skincare routine serves as a daily reminder to make time for self-care. Not only will your skin love the attention, there is also an added peace of mind when using trusted products.

 2. Drinking 8 glasses of water (or more!)

Numerous research attests the benefits of water on our mental and physical health. Water replenishes our cells to give us better energy and focus while on the other hand, dehydration has been linked to mood swings, fatigue and lowered concentration. When it comes to our skin, water helps to reduce fine lines, puffiness and improves our overall complexion. We all know the magic number of 8 glasses a day but that is certainly not the limit - drink as much water as needed to meet your daily activities and needs.



 3. Organizing your makeup

    You may have heard that organizing is the first step to decluttering your mind, and this applies to our skincare and makeup collection. When it comes to palm-sized bottles and palettes, it is easy to lose track of every product in our stash. Before it gets out of hand, it is good practice to regularly take stock of everything you own, sort out unwanted and expired products, as well as do a thorough cleaning of your storage spaces. This will not only help you get organized, but also narrow down products that are still safe and effective on your skin.







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