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Skin Stories: Meet Deborah

by Liane T on April 17, 2021


Deborah, 28

Skin type: Combination

Skin concerns: Acne, Congestion, Dark circles, Dull Complexion

As a marketer in the Tech sector, Deborah is used to living life at full speed, but her morning and night time skincare routine is where she slows down with intent. These moments to herself are daily resets that calms and rejuvenates her for the day or evening ahead. She also takes to indoor cycling as an outlet for self care and fitness, working in regular spin sessions whenever her schedule allows.

An energetic personality, her goal is to achieve clear and bright skin. 

SOLYPH Pick - Time out refresh, essence 

“The Essence is a new essential for me! After cleansing in the mornings, a few spritzes of this on my face helps to wake up my skin, plump it up and brighten it. Over time, it has balanced out my skin, locked in moisture and improved the absorption of my serum that goes on after. I’ve never had smoother or more bouncy skin! I also love the calming pine scent, hygienic packaging and nozzle, as well as the fun colour.”

Deborah’s skincare mantra:

Always take your makeup off before bed, no matter how tired you are!


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