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Thermal aging and What is it?

by Jennifer Richard on November 20, 2019

Is ‘Thermal Aging’ a new term for you? Let’s discuss it!

Although the term ‘Thermal Aging’ isn’t rare or new, it’s a term that is seldom used in skincare. We all know that UV rays aren’t good for the skin but did you know that any kind of heat is bad for the skin?

The human body temperature averages around 36.5 – 37.5°C, and anything more than that could potentially harm your skin.

“I will just cover my skin from the sun! That should stop the damage!”

Nope! Workouts, sitting in front of the computer and even just staying in a warm room could do damage!

During tests, it was found that once your skin’s temperature goes past 37.5°C or higher, the state of your skin changes. The collagen in the skin is compromised and break downs, leading to one of the main causes of wrinkles and aged skin! 🤯

Hyperpigmentation is caused by the excess of melanin. Cells called Melanocytes are triggered when heat penetrates the skin. The skin registers the heat damage as an injury and in turn, the melanocytes work by producing pigment to aid in the healing of the skin.

“How do I protect myself from the damages then?!”

Simple as 1, 2, 3! Sunscreens!

Physical sunscreens that contains commonly used minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are great for skin and daily use. Physical sunscreens sit on the skin, instead of being absorbed into the skin, to deflect sun rays and infrared heat away from the skin. SOLYPH’s Face the wild, Sun Shield Cream has all the minerals for that perfect skin protection!

Sunscreens are great for cooling down your skin from external sources but not from internal sources. The best thing you can do is to regulate your body’s temperature by drinking a lot of water to cool and hydrate or even a cold shower!

Just stay cool and you will do great wonders for your skin! 😉


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