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Water is a key component in skincare products, making up the majority of most formulations. Our base water of choice is distilled Pine Leaf water.

Pine Leaf is high in antioxidants that protects your skin from damage by free radicals, and HMF, an organic compound that prevents the excessive production of melanin caused by UV rays. Pine Leaf also bears antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help strengthen the skin's barrier.

Beginning with fresh Pine Leaf, we harvest from the lush forests of Pyeong Chang, where the trees flourish under peak natural conditions including optimal temperatures, fertile soil, and ample sunlight. Korean Pine Leaf, distinguished by its long and elastic needle, is known to emit high quality Phytoncides, the compound in plants that gives off the 'scent of the forest'. Phytoncides possess immense healing properties, that have been long enjoyed in the practice of Forest Bathing.

Once harvested at their peak, our artisans set off to work to harness the pine leaves at their prime. They employ a traditional distillation method to extract maximum benefits - steaming the leaves with pure mountain water, before collecting the distilled Pine Leaf water drop by drop. This base water then becomes the foundation of our formulas. 

Finally, our base water is thoughtfully blended with other natural active ingredients to create SOLYPH skincare. Manufactured in South Korea, our CGMP and COSMOS certified lab is where the efficacy of clean clinical skincare and the superiority of natural ingredients are combined. Our method of Clean Nature Science leverages both advanced technology and traditional techniques to source, research, and formulate all-natural formulas that are clinically effective and mindfully made.

Crafted by CLEAN NATURE SCIENCE from Korea