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Hello, I'm Heesook.

Sports and exercise has always been my outlet when it comes to balancing my physical and mental health but being active (read perspiration and sun exposure) came at the cost of my skin which protested with signs of irritation and early aging. Being South Korean, I always considered myself skincare savvy and became determined to find a routine that allows me to embrace my skin and my lifestyle.

I considered countless options, ranging from off-the-counter offerings to raved recommendations, yet I was met by a slew of brands that appealed to beauty trends and generic skincare needs. Undefeated, I set out in 2018 to create my own solution.

In the process, I learned that family and friends were afflicted by similar skin troubles while trying to lead and enjoy an active lifestyle; I became even more inspired to create products that would cater to active folk of all ages and skin types.

Today, I'm so happy to present SOLYPH - mindfully formulated skincare to complement an active lifestyle. As a brand, we stand for holistic wellness, transparency, and sustainability. We are excited for you to experience active skincare and to share this journey with us.

Sincerely, Heesook