Healthy Outdoor Set
Healthy Outdoor Set
Healthy Outdoor Set
Healthy Outdoor Set
Healthy Outdoor Set

    Healthy Outdoor Set

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      Enjoy some fun under the sun with our Healthy Outdoor Set! This combo will not only protect your skin against harmful UV rays and environmental damage; it also refreshes and cleanses away your day's impurities while healing your heated, tired skin!

      The set includes:
      Time Out Refresh, Forest Bathing Essence Mist
      Face The Wild, Sun Shield Cream
      Take Off Smooth, Moisturizing Cleanser
      Keep Calm Meditate, Revitalizing Mask 5 sheet/1 box


      HOW TO
      1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin with the Cleanser and Essence mist to ready for sunny days that will take away your skin’s moisture.

      2. Apply the Sun Shield Cream to block out UVs, blue lights, and micro-pollutants while protecting your skin’s moisture barrier.

      3. Take a cooling spritz of Essence mist whenever necessary to refresh the skin and reapply the Sun shield cream for extended protection every 2-3 hours.

      4. Use the Cleanser with cotton pads to cool, soothe and purify the heated skin by removing sweat, makeup, sebum, and residues of the Sun Shield Cream.

      5. After rinsing, apply the Essence mist, then put on the Mask to cool, soothe the heated skin immediately,  and to restore, renew the tired, damaged skin.


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