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    Recovery Duo Serum & Mask Box(5 sheet)


      Count on these skincare warriors to combat dull and irritated skin. Our Recovery set is the tender loving care you need to soothe and protect troubled skin. 


      Level up higher, serum
      A smoothing serum that visibly boosts skin immunity and elasticity. Concentrated with Active Hyaluronic Acid, Phyto-collagen and Adenosine that deeply penetrates to plump the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

      Keep calm meditate, mask (5 sheets/box)
      A revitalizing cellulose mask that makes for an instant pick-me-up! Each premium organic Tencel sheet is soaked with a concentrate of Aloe Vera and Pine Leaf extract to soothe damaged skin, vitamin-rich natural ingredients to recharge the skin, Rice Bran to brighten a dull complexion, and Hyaluronic acid and Probiotics to boost skin immunity and regeneration. The addition of Adenosine and amino acids also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

      Due to the natural formulation of our products, the scent may change over time. The products, however, are still safe to use and perform at their full potential.

      SOLYPH products do not contain perfume or artificial fragrances that could cause allergic reactions, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Our products are gentle to the skin and suitable for sensitive skin.